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Educating leaders, managers and employees to manage their mental health though online presentations and workshops and in person events and retreats.

What do you need?

✔️ Stress/Time Management and Emotional Intelligence.
✔️ Mindfulness Training with Mental Health Awareness.
✔️ Wellness, Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity.
✔️ Team Building, Relationships and Resilience. 
✔️ Work Life Balance and Parenting. 

What is our offer?

Corporate Wellness individually tailored to the clients needs.

Interactive sessions. In person or online.

Intuitive Intelligence Training.

Yoga and Mindfulness classes.

Jewellery making workshops.

Want to know more? 

Leonie is a confident, charismatic, inspiring person with over 10 years’ experience in facilitating, speaking and presenting and over 20 years’ experience in training, sales and marketing.

An excellent communicator that builds networks, creates partnerships and develops strong relationships, Leonie is an engaging presenter that allows attendees to instantly feel comfortable and has the ability to facilitate open conversations that promote connection. Her mission is to inspire people to prioritise their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health in all areas of their life.

Leonie has been running her own multi award-winning business for over 10 years and has written 2 best-selling books, Mother Om, and Awakening and created the Magnetic Mama Podcast. Leonie has also mentored clients to help them create their own successful businesses. She has a deep understanding of how to create a powerful brand, build a credible profile and be a successful speaker. She has run sell-out events, workshops and retreats and has presented as a keynote speaker alongside such luminaries as Maggie Dent and Mia Freedman.

Leonie’s values are connection, compassion, commitment, and community. She is described as energetic, productive, passionate and kind-hearted. She is a loving mother to 3 young children and values living a healthy mindful life.

Leonie tailors all her presentations to the needs of your team. Topics include Mindfulness, Work-Life Balance, Parenting, Resilience, Trust, Managing your Energy, Not Your Time. Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Gratitude, Positive Psychology, Mental Health and Leadership Development.

Her clients have included: NSW Government, Services AUS, Honeywell, Dulux, Apple, Amazon, Tata Consultancy, Citibank, CSIRO and CELA.

Leonie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication majoring in Psychology. She has certified qualifications in Intuitive Intelligence, and is a yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has travelled extensively to over 65 countries. Leonie has been featured in many publications including The Daily Telegraph, Wellbeing Magazine, Practical parenting and has won 5 business awards.


“Leonie was a speaker at our INSPIRE Conference. She was absolutely amazing and gave the delegates some very useful techniques on mindfulness, spoke about the importance of breath, self-talk and gratitude. The delegates really enjoyed the chocolate meditation and left her session feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. Thanks so much, Leonie, you truly are an inspiration”.CELA Events Team

“Thank you for a wonderful session last Friday. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the training, and we’re receiving some great feedback. They were much more engaged than many of our other trainings.” Shine For Kids

Why would you work with me?

I have over 10 years experience in speaking and presenting 

I have worked with a wide range of clients including state governments, councils, education sector and global corporations

I have won 4 awards for my buisness and I am an award winning author

Speaking is my zone of genius

The Corporate world has chnaged and wellbeing is now a priority.

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