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Imagine a life where motherhood feels joyful.

​​​​​​Your kids are happy. 
You feel connected, loved and supported on your journey.

Mama this is your guide to being a more content, calm and compassionate mother

Being a mother is a journey filled with blissful moments but also times of intense frustration. We are plugged in, overstimulated and we struggle to relax.  For us to have content children we must find a way to connect with ourselves, our children and the world around us.

Mother Om provides you with the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood. Leonie will guide you along a spiritual path by opening up your conscious mind and teaching you to be present, speak your truth and live with an open heart.

Mother Om shows you the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children and includes practical advice and meditations for you and your children. 

If you value compassion, connection and commitment, Mother Om will motivate, inspire and empower you. 

What leading experts are  saying about Mother Om
“Written from the heart, Leonie paints a vision of a better way to be in the world; a way that embraces gratitude, acceptance and peace, but best of all, Leonie understand what busy mothers need more that anything else, and that is self-compassion.”
Sarah Napthali, Author - Buddhism for Mothers
This is a beautiful book written for busy mums. Even if you are not into yoga, Leonie has some simple, effective ideas and strategies to help reduce stress and to be as grounded and present as possible in our chaotic world.
Maggie Dent - Best Selling Author
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Awards and Endorsements 

"The author blends a beautiful writing voice–very engaging and full of warmth–with an impressive amount of expertise in all things yoga. The chosen quotes inspire, and again show the author’s deep knowledge of the topic. She connects immediately with her readers, tapping into the wisdom of bonding with a child through yoga and the yogic principles. We know we are in good hands. The exercises are beautifully formed, simple and easy to accomplish, yet very powerful in their applicable insights revealed. This is what a book’s workbook element should be, the model of a successful interactive element.

Organization is stellar, with each step broken down into easily-read blocky sections. Brilliant pacing, and logical organization that flows into each successive section very well. There are no lulls in the book; the momentum keeps building. The "find your mindful moment" sections  are wonderful. A great layering of the book’s gifts.

Author accomplishes something very rare in books on yoga–she introduces us to new subject matter. A reader with a familiarity with chakras and the like will be delighted to get so much inspiration and learn something new to apply to a mindset and practice. Author’s final reflection wraps up the book beautifully, the equivalent of a calm reentry after a good yoga class. This is a spectacular book."

JUDGE Writers Digest Self Publish book awards. 2015 
 "I found it very thought provoking and soul stirring. Mother Om inspires mums to use mindfulness, yoga principles and simple exercises for the mind-and-body to meaningfully connect with ourselves and our children.  Leonie offers imaginative inspiration for enjoying mindful moments with your children that express your love, and provide the both of you with coping skills for life. I only wish I had read Leonie’s book earlier in my mothering journey – her kind advice, offered from one mother to another, would have breathed calm into the bumpier parts of the ride. If you would like your experience of motherhood to be one of balance, growth and calm then this book is for you"
 Kristie Stockx - Author
"Mother Om is only parenting book I've ever read that truly inspired me to be a better mother, not only does it inspire you to be present in your child's life but it gives practical tips on how to achieve this goal. I am calmer, more grounded and both myself and my family are benefiting from the techniques explained in this book."
Lisa Almond - Parenting Writer 

"Mother Om - Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day"  was awarded a silver medal in the Living Now  Book Awards in the Health and Wellness category in the USA in 2014.

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