I can feel the baby fog lifting and can see glimpses of light shimmering through what has felt like a block out blind over the window of my soul. The last 6 months I have experienced some of the most challenging moments, since my divorce from my eldest son’s father.

Phoenix is my third star babe. He is thriving, sitting up, eating everything and is so chubby and happy. However he was a very unhappy newborn. We had many hurdles to overcome. Phoenix had tongue ties that caused breastfeeding struggles, he had 2 laser releases and silent reflex, which led to intense sleep deprivation. This combined with a child with ADHD, a spirited toddler, left me and my husband gasping for air.

We have been in the parenting trenches and I am so grateful to say we have had so much support from the QLD government attending sleep school and seeing a brilliant parenting psychologist. Jarkko also had 3 months paid paternity leave from KPMG and we have come out stronger, even more deeply connected and are now advocates for mental health.

Jarkko wrote about his mental health challenges on LinkedIn and has had so many messages from people who have felt the same. Why do we not talk about this more openly??? It is not a sign of weakness. Sharing your vulnerability and truth is courageous and brave.

Through our darkness we see our divine light.

I have always supported mothers and my mission has always been to keep families connected. It is WHY I wrote my award winning book Mother Om.

I re-wrote my WHY statement which is part of the year long spiritual mentorship I am doing with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence. I had a 6 month break as had to surrender everything to be a mindful mama. I will graduate as an intuitive guide in July.

My client wants to feel supported, held, seen and loved. They practice daily self- care, are deeply connected to their partners and children and are spiritually awake and live with guiltlessness. By working with me they feel connected to themselves, their partner and children. They feel supported in their role as a mother and can mindfully manage their business or career and be a present parent.

I teach, educate and inspire mothers how to be the best version of themselves so they can guide and nurture their children with an open heart and mind. I do this for working mothers who are trying to mindfully manage the mental motherhood load with ease and grace. These women want to feel like they are whole again after having children and are thriving in all areas of their life.

This month I attend the Heart Centred Business Conference that I loved last year for a juicy injection of inspiration. Women supporting women makes my heart sing.

Thanks for reading my story.

I look forward to sharing our journey with you.


Leonie xx