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Intuitively Designed Handcrafted Earrings 

Luna Phoenix Designs are handcrafted earrings made with love and Intuitive Guidance by Leonie. Receive a pair of custom-designed earrings monthly or bi-monthly, beautifully wrapped in the mail with an intuitive message. These creations are a spiritual tool used as a reminder to practice self-love and allow us to embody heart-based living.

Monthly New Moon Circles

Come together each month in an online circle on the new moon wearing our spiritual bling to manifest our intentions into creation. Circles are held on a Thursday or Friday. We explore the themes of Mindfulness, Alignment, Self-care, Overcoming fear, Resilience, Forgiveness, Stress and Time Management, Co-creating with the Universe, Connection and Movement. 


Each woman in the collective has the opportunity to be interviewed and shared across all of my platforms to promote you and your services. At times a guest expert may be interviewed depending on the number of women in the collective.


I love unique earrings and had purchased several pairs of earrings from Leonie, I had also experienced Leonie holding space for woman at a time when uncertainty was high so when the spiritual bling collective was announced it was a full-body YES to join. I had been craving a sister circle and this offer also spoke deeply to my inner creatress. I loved the idea of attending a monthly circle and wearing divine earrings that are co-created as a sacred anchor. Wearing the earrings is a beautiful gift of self love, activating my sacred feminine and raising my vibration, co-creating these earrings was a beautiful process where I got to check-in and trust my intuition and trust Leonie’s intuition there is magic in this trust, the personal messages that accompany the earrings is a beautiful confirmation of this trust that aligned with my intention for the month. The circle experiences Leonie created were unique and fun, stepping into this space with joy and curiosity allowed for deep transformation, we were guided to connect with our essence – we meditated, we moved, we created, we shared connecting with our intention from our hearts-ace. The women who have gathered in circle collectively held each other in a beautiful open and loving energetic container. If you’re looking for a space to get curious, be supported and move forward in all areas of your life then this is a beautiful and safe space to explore in.

Tammie Maree - Sacred Visionary

When I signed up to the Spiritual Bling Collective, I didn’t really know what to expect – frankly, I was there for the fabulous earrings, as I’d been asking Leonie for an earrings subscription! But I’m so glad I joined rather than just continuing to order her intuitively designed earrings on their own. It’s a lovely group of ladies who all share a desire to move forward in their lives and businesses with intention. It is a loving and safe space that Leonie holds for us so that we may explore and dig deep within. Can’t wait to see what the future of the Spiritual Bling Collective brings!”

Romina Cavagnola - Alchemy of Alignment


Spiritual Bling Collective – Monthly $88

One pair of earrings a month and a new moon circle a month.

Spiritual Bling Collective – Bi-Monthly $66

A pair of earrings every second month and a new moon circle per month.  

Minimum 3mth subscription, then cancel anytime…

    “I am adoring the Spiritual Bling Collective. Having a glorious monthly talisman to adorn myself with – awakens in me my divine feminine power and reminds me of my sovereign right to express my beauty, my heart and my medicine. The monthly circles are always a potent reflection of this as Leonie so gracefully guides us back to our most sacred selves. We dance, we meditate, we share, we laugh and most of all we sit in full reverence of each other. This space is for any spiritual woman waiting and willing to express and experience her unlimited self. Leonie is a powerful and integris space holder, a leader in intuition and mindfulness practice. I am in awe of her genuine heartfelt intention to serve and support her tribe to flourish and thrive in abundance, integrity, beauty and strength. Do join us, you will be so grateful that you did xx”

    Tamala Ridge - Space Holders Sanctuary

    Benefits of the Spiritual Bling Collective

    Be the first to pick your favourite designs before they are shared publicly. 

    Each pair will be custom designed to match your branding or selected colour palette.

    Connect with like-minded ladies each month in a new moon circle to feel connected and supported.

    Each woman in the collective has the opportunity to be interviewed and shared across all of my platforms to promote you and your services.

    Connect in a private FB group.

    Luna Phoenix Designs are handcrafted earrings made with love and Intuitive Guidance by Leonie. These beautiful earrings are for divine feminine leaders who are magnetic, committed to owning their full power, here to awaken the planet. These earrings are an act of self-love, worn as a reminder to return to wholeness by consciously choosing love over fear in each and every moment.

    Order your custom made earrings from Luna Phoenix Designs Instagram page 

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