I love this topic, creating a family system based on love laughter and growth. It is so close to my heart. I strive everyday to have a connected and loving family. There are many tears and tantrums but we always rupture and repair the situation when things don’t flow.

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Joshua Castillo a parenting coach in the USA. I openly share what works and what doesn’t in our house. We talk about letting go of the guilt and shame we feel as parents and that you have to create a system that works for you and your kids.

We talk about self care, finding joy in the chaos, how to reflect on each day and to practice gratitude to change your reality.

Joshua reminds us that our kids have only been on this planet for a short time and that they just KIDS … and that as parents we need to #konmari our emotions.

We need to support each other as parents and create systems that relieve stress and to let go of perfectionism and control. My eldest son (10) has a task list to help him get ready in the morning as he has ADHD and my daughter (4) has a mandala reward chart to reinforce positive behaviour.

There is so much great advice and wisdom here and we have a good giggle at how ridiculous parenting can be.

Can you please not paint all over the house ….. ahhhhhh

Watch below.

To find out more about Joshua head to https://askthechildwhisperer.com