heartfulness training program

Heartfulness training is for awake women
who want to co-create their life with the universe.

Together we harness our heart’s intelligence. Activate our divine intuition and awaken to the truth of who we are. Turn our fear into faith. Unite with our soul’s path and manifest a life full of magic.

This groundbreaking spiritual training is a sacred journey that will take us from living life in our head (fear) to living life in our heart (love). Learn how to effortlessly live with ease and grace by leading life using your Intuitive Intelligence.

8 week online course


  • 8 live 90-minute teaching modules 11-12.30pm AEST Thursdays.
  • 8 live 30- minute live Q and A’s Fridays 10-10.30pm
  • Private intimate group on Facebook
  • This program is a requirement of the Third Level if you wish to become an Intuitive Guide.


​​​​​​​July 16th to September 3rd 2020.


Places are limited to 10 women to ensure the group has time and space to dive deep.

​​​​​​​I teach women how to live their life with divine guidance using their intuition by making conscious choices from their heart, not their head. I call this way of living “Heartfulness”.

Heartfulness training is for awake women who want to consciously
co-create their life with the universe.

Create a successful business or career by attracting clients and opportunities effortlessly with our vibration. Connect deeply with our loved ones by taking ownership of our thoughts and feelings. 

By the end of this program, we will be accessing our divine wisdom with ease and grace. Trusting and surrendering to our divine nature. Like a muscle, it takes time and practice to master.

We will know how to receive and trust our intuition and feel courageous to take action using our intuitive intelligence. 

We will break through our fears that block our intuitive guidance.

We will master the 3 immutable laws of the Universe so we understand how to create our life effortlessly.

We explore the science of intuition and why our hearts intelligence holds the key to our power.

We learn daily practices to meet and clear our fear and how to protect ourselves with our spiritual fierceness to create a magical life.

We are not learning how to manifest from our thoughts but from our feeling state.

We are not learning to give away our power to trinkets or superstitions. We are the crystal. 

We are embodying ancient mystical traditions backed by science.

The program in a deep initiation into a life long journey of deepening your relationship with your intuition using your intuitive intelligence.


Introduction to Intuitive Intelligence 


The different kinds of intuition


The science of intuition 


​​​​​​​The law of mentalism 


​​​​​​​The law of correspondence


​​​​​​​The law of vibration


​​​​​​​Energetic protection  


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Spiritual Sight     


Moving from 3D to 5D paradigm  

Change your vibration. Change your life.

When you join you will be invited in a private Facebook group to connect and share your experiences.

You will have access to a reading and resources list. 

Live calls are on Thursdays at 11 – 12.30pm AEST
Q and A are on Fridays 10 – 10.30am AEST

This program is a requirement of the Third Level if you wish to become an Intuitive Guide.

You have life time access to the content as a self study program. Further live online and in person trainings will receive a concession offer. 

 My pledge to you –

I have been deepening my knowledge as a spiritual teacher for 10 years. I am an eternal student. I have a degree in psychology,  a qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher and I am an award winning author and business owner.  

I am deeply committed to these teachings and embody them each day in my own life. They have transformed my life and business. 

If you follow the program, apply the practices, show up and do the work, I promise you, your life will transform too. 

I am honoured to be sharing this life changing content with you. I promise we will laugh together, cry together, feel deeply held and supported by each other and you will meet and clear your fear and return to love. To wholeness. You whole family will benefit. We heal as collective. We are one. Together we rise. 

If you would like to connect with me to talk more about this program I am offering a free chat. I hope you jump in and listen to the whispers of your heart and join me. You will not regret it. I promise.
Love Leonie xx 


What my Clients say

“My session with Leonie was such a great experience! I had no idea what to expect… but Leonie makes you feel safe and supported. I especially loved the tapping sequence, really powerful and has proven to be very beneficial. I’ll be checking in regularly!”

Jen Carlson

“I am still in such awe over that session. That was truly incredible. I’ve already got a friend interested in booking a session with you. I’m feeling more excited than fearful about what my future holds and I finally feel motivation to move forward. I’ve always struggled to find passion and maintain motivation in all facets of life but I can finally feel it surging within me again. So thank you, I feel like I’ve been reconnected to my soul”

Emily Hitchens

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in an intuitive session with Leonie & was a little nervous. However, within seconds Leonie’s approachable relaxed manner put me at ease. She was clear in her guidance & checked in with me regularly. I had the most amazing experience which totally resonated with me – Leonie’s downloads were scarily spot on & gave some much needed clarity. Thank you Leonie!​​​​”

Clare Willow

My name is Leonie, pronounced like Princess Leia-knee.

I am an Intuitive mentor and teacher of Intuitive Intelligence. I am a mindfulness teacher, speaker and author of the international best selling book Mother Om.

I have a multi-award-winning business, an earring designer and the host of the global podcast Magnetic Mama which is being listened to in 40 countries. 

I will nurture, support and guide you. I will change, teach and inspire you.

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