Helena works with women to help clear out their DNA and any blocks they may have from their ancestral lineage that no longer serve them. She helps them embody new beliefs and helps female entrepreneurs.

Our lineage defines us and is so heavily engrained in us. Helena shares  how she discovered her unique gift accidentally and that she sees the world in systems and patterns.

The birth of her son also inspired her to enquire more into her own lineage as he had a gene mutation and Helena shares her family story of being riddled with shame and and her dream to go to Germany and to visit Auschwitz to clear this and heal her family. She shares the connection of PTSD from our grandfathers and depression that gets passed down.

I share the worries I have with my 8 year son as I see him struggle with anxious thoughts as is there is manic depression in both sides of his family lineage. In fact since this conversation I have been working with a clinical psychologist to help him and me with this.

So much of that we feel is not even our own beliefs. It comes from our lineage and we may not even be aware of this. These feelings of “lack” or “never having enough” or we have to work “hard to make money” can be triggered when we start a business. This is we can turn to our lineage for answers.

Helena works back for 7 generations so by having a personal clearing you also clear your ancestors beliefs. She shares how her work has helped her own family relationships.

We also chat about how to self care as a mentor that works with energy so you don’t feel drained. Salt water baths is also very cleansing for our energy bodies and how we can empower our kids using oils and sprays to help us feel protected.

Be the messenger, not a carrier. What a profound lesson for all as mothers.

Helena is now one of my beautiful clients that I have the pleasure of mentoring on her journey of business and motherhood.

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Helena Ryan – Ancestral Clearer 


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