When women come together to support each other something extraordinary happens.

I recently facilitated an incredible wellness retreat for 50 women. Located at the beautiful Sheraton on the Gold Coast women from all over Australia came to connect at the first Women in Contracting retreat hosted by Master Electricians Australia.

In a typically male dominated industry the focus of the retreat was to educate, support and inspire these women to take the time to focus on themselves and enhance their wellbeing.

Master Electricians had a wonderful vision to begin the day with a yoga class, followed by a wellness presentation, and a team building jewelry making class where the women would wear their creations to Ying Yang black and white themed dinner.

They contacted Holistic Services Group who offer Corporate Wellness Programs. I have been one of their facilitators for the past 3 years. This event was the perfect combination of bringing together my talents.

The day started with each woman sitting in the autumn sunshine on a yoga mat in a circle. The class was designed to promote connection and a sense of trust. My first business was teaching kids yoga, so we playfully did our poses together, we danced and we did some partner work which was filled with laughter.

For over 10 years I have been teaching yogic principles, mindfulness, intuition and the art of living life from our hearts intelligence. During the 2 hour wellbeing presentation I facilitated a discussion on how to enhance our wellness and the women experienced practices including Emotional Freedom Technique known as tapping and a chocolate meditation.

While the ladies enjoyed a High Tea the tables were set up with a range of materials to make earrings and a pendant including acrylic pieces, wood, paint pens, leather pieces, tools and findings. I am the founder of Luna Phoenix Designs and create custom designed jewelry for women. The ladies created beautiful unique pieces that they were proud to wear to dinner. They also made gifts for loved one including earrings, keyrings and cufflinks.

During the day each woman received a massage and a wellness pack from the event sponsor Add Staff and a yoga mat from Energy Super and a water bottle from Clipsal.

Thanks to Add Staff for these kind words .

“The women in contracting retreat created an opportunity for the ladies of the electrical industry to come together in a relaxed and fun environment. With a weekend filled with yoga, meditation, business sessions, a high tea, gala dinner, earring making, attendees were given ample time opportunities to network, whilst getting in some much needed relaxation”

This was a brilliant event and the women left feeling connected, inspired, relaxed and there are plans for a bigger event for 2022.

Thanks for Master Electricians Australia, the sponsors and Holistic Services Group and the sponsors for making this event possible.

If you would like to chat about a women’s wellness retreat please reach out