Returning Women to Wholeness

transmuting our fear into faith

Intuitive Mentor

Imagine a life where we live from our heart with love. Not from our head with fear. We will feel freedom with each breath and we are living our highest ruth. To be of service to awaken the planet into a new paradigm. 


Mother Om provides you with the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood. Leonie will guide you along a spiritual path by opening up your conscious mind and teaching you to be present, speak your truth and live with an open heart.


Heartfulness training is for awake women who want to co-create their life with the universe. Together we harness our heart’s intelligence. Activate our divine intuition and awaken to the truth of who we are. Turn our fear into faith. 

Returning to wholeness

I teach women how to live their life with divine guidance using their intuition by making conscious choices to embody heart-based living. Fear blocks our intuition which resides in our heart. Freedom is on the other side of fear. 

Heartfulness training

This groundbreaking spiritual training is a sacred journey that will take us from living life in our heads (fear) to living life in our hearts (love). Learn how to effortlessly live with ease and grace by leading life using your Intuitive Intelligence.

8-week online course.

Launching on August 6th, 2020

Mother Om

The international award winning best selling book. 

Being a mother is a journey filled with blissful moments but also times of intense frustration. We are plugged in, overstimulated and we struggle to relax.  For us to have content children we must find a way to connect with ourselves, our children and the world around us.

Magnetic Mama Podcast

Magnetic Mama hosted by Intuitive mentor and author Léonie Laukkanen. This show is for mindful mamas blending motherhood with business. Magnetic Mama brings guest interviews with mama chiefs who are living their truth, shining their lights, and making positive change in the world. Packed full of wisdom, love, and guidance with themes of motherhood, mindfulness, and mentorship.

Join the Spiritual Bling Collective

Receive a pair of custom designed earrings monthly of bi-monthly for 3 months beautifully wrapped in the mail with an intuitive message. Join like minded women each month in circle on the new moon wearing our spiritual bling to manifest our intentions into creation. 

Looking for an inspiring speaker?

Leonie is available to be booked for author talks, presentations, speaking engagements and workshops.


I am so excited to be featured as one of 30 inspiring coaches, healers lightworkers, and feminine leaders coming together to share their medicine and how they are contributing to the AWAKENING of the new Earth which hit global best seller categories in Aus, UK and USA.

Intuitive earring making workshop

Connect with like-minded soulful women to learn how we can access our intuition and how to follow our intuition. We will use our divine guidance to create 3 pairs of beautiful handmade earrings using clay, acrylic pieces and recycled materials. Worn as a self-care reminder to return to wholeness. Next workshop will be in September 2020.




Client Love

My journey with Leonie began late last year in November. I felt that there were missing parts of me that needed to come to the surface, but was unsure what they were.

Beautiful guiding by Leonie opened doors to parts of myself that created reconnection and growth. I was able to understand the reasons why I felt the way I did, and with Leonie’s gentle guiding healing I have accepted and thanked these parts of myself.

Although this life is always a journey of self-love and transition, today I see myself standing in completeness. Able to acknowledge and love all parts of me. For anyone who feels they have pockets of themselves that need healing if you are ready to go there, surrender to the trust in your heart and allow Leonie to be part of this journey that leads you on the path to being the sovereign being that you are.

 – Michelle

“I found Leonie by discovering her book Mother Om. It is filled with empathy, compassion and loving guidance which helped me get my head around coming into my new role as a Mother of two.

I felt a calling to work with her. There was a big part of my life that felt unfilled. Leonie’s business mentoring programme helped me tap into my true, authentic self to uncover my dreams and passions and bring them into reality in the form of a business (this has led to more than I ever would have imagined).

Recently, Leonie’s intuitive guidance sessions have seen me put aside what does not serve me in this life and step fully into my true self. It was like connecting directly with my soul.

All of these experiences were filled with Leonie’s sincere love and heartfelt guidance. And at the centre of each of these experiences is putting fear and subconscious blocks to the side and opening up to love. The effects of this were not instant, but have been long lasting and life changing.
Thank you Leonie for all you have done for me! You have guided me on my journey and everything is exactly how it should be.”
– Becky

I had 2 wonderful sessions with Leonie last month. I’ve been doing this “stuff” for a long time and it was really lovely to come across a fresh new approach to spiritual development. Leonie holds a very safe container and is a beautiful person to work with. I would highly recommend her work.”

– Judi

Join the Spiritual Bling Collective

Luna Phoenix Designs are handcrafted earrings made with love and Intuitive Guidance by Leonie. Receive a pair of custom designed earrings monthly (or bi-monthly) for 3 months (or 6mths) beautifully wrapped in the mail with an intuitive message.

Join like minded women each month in circle on the new moon wearing our spiritual bling to manifest our intentions into creation.

No lock-in subscription, once off cost for the period of purchase.

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Overcoming fear on the Driven Millennial Show

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How do two CEO’s create a family system?

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Overcoming post – natal depletion and re-defining my WHY.

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Your guide to being a more content, calm and compassionate Mother.  

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Rising from the ashes after post-natal depletion.

I have always felt a higher power, a mystical connection to an invisible world. When my husband told me, he would gift me a son on the night of our wedding, I laughed it off. I was forty-one at the time, and already had my beautiful babes, Luna (5) from this relationship, and Lael (11) from a former marriage.

My business was thriving, I had just won my fourth business award and spoken at a wellness conference alongside Mia Freedman. I had an epic vision for my service as a spiritual leader.

We are powerful magnetic beings, and we are constantly creating our reality with our feelings, thoughts, and words. We manifest what we do want and want we don’t want. Every feeling we have sends a spark of energy out to the Universe and we are encoding our reality in each moment. I teach women how to use divine guidance from our heart’s intelligence, to consciously co-create our life with the Universe. Our intuition resides in our hearts. It is our feeling state, our vibration that creates our external world.

Our life path is not our life plan.

Continue reading this article published in the incredible @mumpreneurmovement_aus alongside some incredible contributors @riccijaneadams

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Spent the whole weekend switching rooms around in our house because my intuition told me too!

Now my desk faces a window. My 11 year has his own room as it was also my husband's office and our 5 and (almost) 2 year old have the master bedroom to play.

Feeling the shift to welcome the #lionsgate energy this weekend 8/8 and my husband and l have created our own sanctuary. No kids allowed.

We plan to move in 6 months when my eldest starts high school but right now the kids school is currently on the next street.

What have you done that was guided by your intuition?

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Celebrating Luna Phoenix Designs is turning ONE!

These handcrafted earrings are made with love and intuitive guidance.

So excited to share this new offering coming on 8/8 #lionsgate

Receive a pair of custom-designed earrings monthly or bi-monthly for 3 or 6 months beautifully wrapped in the mail with an intuitive message.

Join like minded women each month in circle on the new moon wearing our spiritual bling to manifest our intentions into creation .

These creations are a spiritual tool used as a reminder to practice self-love and allow us to embody heart-based living.

Thanks to my divine earring models Leigh Jane Woodgate - Business Activator & Leadership Mentor Chenae Carey Coaching Tosca's Serenity Shakti Alchemist #lunaphoenixdesigns #earringdesigner #earringclub #spiritualbling #newmooncircle
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This was a beautiful conversation with my publisher about why we need to overcome our fear to become the hero of our own journey and return home to ourselves.

We talk about how heart-based living will awaken the world into a higher level of consciousness.

Heartfulness training will now launch next Thursday 6/7/20 as 5 glorious women will join together to overcome their fear and stand in their power with courage and grace.

One spot left.

PM me if this is for you. The FOMO is real xx
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Join me in conversation with Kristy Jamieson Susan Young and Megan in under an hour at 8pm.

We will be sharing our journey with the Institute 🥰

Watch here The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence
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We are the hero of our lives

Not the victim.

We need to be seperated for our current reality. To wake up from the dream. To be initiated on our heros journey and return home to ourselves.

Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The power was always within but she had to overcome her fears to discover this.

Click click.

There is no place like home.

This is exactly what I will be teaching 🙂

My intention was to call in an intimate group of women for Heartfulness training.

So grateful to the women that have said YES Lausanne Kruger Becky Gilhespie Kathy Wong

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