Returning to Wholeness and Wellness 

Your health is your wealth

Wellbeing Facilitator

Your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing must be your top priority for 2021. Learn how to manage your energy, not your time. Discover essential self care strategies and mindfulness techniques. Leonie is a wellbeing facilitator offering Corporate Wellness programs  online and in person workshops, events and retreats.

Best Selling Author

Mother Om is an award winning book that provides the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood, written by Leonie in 2014. Awakening – Meet the Women Birthing A New Earth is a co-authored book published in 2020 that is a No. 1 best seller in the UK, USA and AUS. Available to purchase on Amazon.

Intuitive Designer

Leonie makes custom design earrings infused with sacred intention.  Luna Phoenix Designs was created to give women a powertool tailsman to feel empowered and supported when they work with their clients. All pieces are hand crafted using recycled arcylic, leather, wood, beads and crystals. 

Returning to wholeness

I teach women how to live their life with divine guidance using their intuition by making conscious choices to embody heart-based living. Fear blocks our intuition which resides in our heart. Freedom is on the other side of fear. 

Mother Om

The international award winning best selling book. 

Being a mother is a journey filled with blissful moments but also times of intense frustration. We are plugged in, overstimulated and we struggle to relax.  For us to have content children we must find a way to connect with ourselves, our children and the world around us.

Heartfulness Training

Together we harness our heart’s intelligence. Activate our divine intuition and awaken to the truth of who we are. Turn our fear into faith. Unite with our soul’s path and manifest a life full of magic.

Join the next intake for this 8 week online training in JULY 2021

Corporate Wellbeing programs

Leonie is a wellness facilitator for Holistic Services group and teaches stress and time management. How to deal with change and build resilience using mindfulness and self care strategies. Contact Leonie to book a presentation or workshop.


I am so excited to be featured as one of 30 inspiring coaches, healers lightworkers, and feminine leaders coming together to share their medicine and how they are contributing to the AWAKENING of the new Earth which hit global best seller categories in Aus, UK and USA.




Client Love

 “Leonie is such a beautiful soul to work with. During the session with her, I felt so safe and supported whilst after I felt so much at peace. The transformations to follow were incredible. At first, I didn’t realise what had changed but before I knew it I was doing things in areas of my life that I had previously felt so stuck and lost in. So much fear has shifted and I’m opening up to a whole new world. Leonie has helped me to connect to those hidden parts of myself and find clarity from the inside out. Thank you so much Leonie for guiding me back to my heart”. 

Amanda Piper

“I found Leonie by discovering her book Mother Om. It is filled with empathy, compassion and loving guidance which helped me get my head around coming into my new role as a Mother of two.

I felt a calling to work with her. There was a big part of my life that felt unfilled. Leonie’s business mentoring program helped me tap into my true, authentic self to uncover my dreams and passions and bring them into reality in the form of a business (this has led to more than I ever would have imagined).

Recently, Leonie’s intuitive guidance sessions have seen me put aside what does not serve me in this life and step fully into my true self. It was like connecting directly with my soul. All of these experiences were filled with Leonie’s sincere love and heartfelt guidance. And at the center of each of these experiences is putting fear and subconscious blocks to the side and opening up to love. The effects of this were not instant, but have been long-lasting and life-changing. 

Thank you Leonie for all you have done for me! You have guided me on my journey and everything is exactly how it should be.”
– Becky Gilesphie – Vocal Coach 

When I signed up to the Spiritual Bling Collective, I didn’t really know what to expect – frankly, I was there for the fabulous earrings, as I’d been asking Leonie for an earrings subscription! But I’m so glad I joined rather than just continuing to order her intuitively designed earrings on their own. It’s a lovely group of ladies who all share a desire to move forward in their lives and businesses with intention. It is a loving and safe space that Leonie holds for us so that we may explore and dig deep within. Can’t wait to see what the future of the Spiritual Bling Collective brings!

– Romina Cavagnola – Alchemy of Alignment 

“I love unique earrings and had purchased several pairs of earrings from Leonie, I had also experienced Leonie holding space for woman at a time when uncertainty was high so when the spiritual bling collective was announced it was a full body yes to join. Joining was me saying this to me. I had been craving a sister circle and this offer also spoke deeply to my inner creatress. I loved the idea of attending a monthly circle and wearing divine earrings that are co-created as a sacred anchor. Wearing the earrings is a beautiful gift of self love, activating my sacred feminine and raising my vibration, co-creating these earrings was a beautiful process where I got to check in and trust my intuition and trust Leonie’s intuition there is magic in this trust, the personal messages that accompany the earrings is a beautiful confirmation of this trust that aligned with my intention for the month. The circle experiences Leonie created were unique and fun, stepping into this space with joy and curiosity allowed for deep transformation, we were guided to connect with our essence – we meditated, we moved, we created, we shared connecting with our intention from our hearts-ace. The women who have gathered in circle collectively held each other in a beautiful open and loving energetic container. If you’re looking for a space to get curious, be supported and move forward in all areas of your life then this is a beautiful and safe space to explore in.

Tammie Maree – Sacred Visionary.”

I am adoring the Spiritual Bling Collective. Having a glorious monthly talisman to adorn myself with – awakens in me my divine feminine power and reminds me of my sovereign right to express my beauty, my heart, and my medicine. The monthly circles are always a potent reflection of this as Leonie so gracefully guides us back to our most sacred selves. We dance, we meditate, we share, we laugh and most of all we sit in full reverence of each other. This space is for any spiritual woman waiting and willing to express and experience her unlimited self. Leonie is a powerful and integral space holder, a leader in intuition and mindfulness practice. I am in awe of her genuine heartfelt intention to serve and support her tribe to flourish and thrive in abundance, integrity, beauty, and strength. Do join us, you will be so grateful that you did xx

Tamala Ridge – Space Holders Santuary.”

On the Blog

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Keeping you and your kids calm. Chapters from Mother Om.

We are navigating wild times as we experience a global health crisis. When we feel anxious and stressed this is directly passed onto our children because they feel us. They are connected to our energy. I wrote my award-winning book, Mother Om, 6 years ago when I was...

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Overcoming fear on the Driven Millennial Show

We all have fear. Fear blocks our intuition. We need to clear this fear so we can listen to the guidance from our soul. I was honoured to be asked to be on the The Driven Millennial show. I am technically too old to be a millennial ( I googled it ) but it was so good...

How do two CEO’s create a family system?

I love this topic, creating a family system based on love laughter and growth. It is so close to my heart. I strive everyday to have a connected and loving family. There are many tears and tantrums but we always rupture and repair the situation when things don't flow....

Managing the mental load with 3 children.

I can feel the baby fog lifting and can see glimpses of light shimmering through what has felt like a block out blind over the window of my soul. The last 6 months I have experienced some of the most challenging moments, since my divorce from my eldest son's father....

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Why self-talk can make or break us with Leonie Percy and Krystal Alexander-Hills

This is a beautiful series of interviews that inspires the goddess in us to re-awaken and to align with our soul purpose. I chat with Krystal founder of Goddess Reawakening about why self talk can make or break us.

Your guide to being a more content, calm and compassionate Mother.  

Come and support local makers over the weekend. So excited to be involved in a lovely pop up shop in my friends garage with @blissrockpainting_parties @cjssparklesanddesign@graceful_lights@katie_papaya @bossy_earrings I have earrings, jewellry sets cufflinks, and my book Mother Om and copies of Spiritually Fierce by @intuitiveintelligenceinstituteBracelets made by my beautiful daughter Luna. It's child friendly and there are lots of lovely gift ideas. The house is all lit up and kids can send a letter to Santa. #popupmarket #christmasgifts #christmasmarket#customdesignearrings#motherom #spirituallyfierce #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #makersmarket ... See MoreSee Less
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Been making beautiful creations today for a local market next weekend. Earrings, pendants and cufflinks from Luna Phoenix Designs hosted by @blissrockpainting_partiesLuna made 20 bracelets to sell. She is so excited to sell them to make some money to buy a Frozen karaoke! Come and support local makers.#christmasbling #christmasmarket #handmadearrings #creativekids #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal ... See MoreSee Less
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So proud of this kid. Loves all things Japanese. Like me. He wanted to wear one of my flowery feminine kimonos for Halloween. I didn't want him to wear it as didn't get want his to be teased. We argued about it for a week. He couldn't understand why I would not lend it to him. I took him to Spotlight to buy some fabric to make him one but he was adamant he wore mine. I finally told him it wasn't about the kimono. I didn't want him to be teased as he was going with his peers who were not dressed up for Halloween.He didn't care. He is proud that he is different. He stands strong in his unique power. The next day I attended a day retreat with amazing Sam Lindsay-German and she shared the Map of Consciousness and how we cycle through our emotions and how they relate to our chakras and that we must always come back home. To our heart. Back to love. I shared this story. I had been stuck in guilt/shame about the kimono. Then I moved to fear. I don't want him to be hurt. Then I went to anger. Then I went cycled back to love. Sam asked me why the kimono had triggered me so deeply. I realised I had worn it at my second wedding during a ceremony to release the energy of my first marriage to his father.We all carry guilt, shame, fear and anger. Courage lives in our heart and it takes courage to come back to love. After I shared this story a beautiful woman offered me a vintage kimono to give to Lael that he wore proudly to his celebration evening as he finishes his first year of high school. Lael remains my greatest teacher.This is his courage cape. Thanks for reading.My dear friend @timberheartcreationsbrisbane tagged me with a beautiful poem written by @john_roedel_writer about his autistic son and his courage and I showed Lael and he said it's all true ❤️#asdkids #chooseloveoverfear #mapofconsciousness #wellbeingmentor #motherslove @samanthalindsaygerman ... See MoreSee Less
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Still landing after a magnificent weekend with my sister's as we came together in sacred service. These women are from my training with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and this weekend I released so many tears of gratitude as being seen and held in pure love is what the world needs so much right now.These women are so fiercely doing "the work" to awaken us from fear and control. We are Rebels of Light. Priestesses of Consciousness.Unapologetic. United. Pro Choice. Non judgmental. I LOVE YOU sisters thanks for the photos Chenae Carey Coaching Kia Creative Channel ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less
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I fricken love how our external world mirrors our internal world. I have been in a beautiful sanctuary called Purify for over a year with @tamalaridge and we detox all that does not serve us. Food. Fears. Addictions. Anything that does not align with our highest self. This week I present this topic to a client - Digital Detox. Social media is designed to fuel our self loathing. Our addiction to external validation. Searching for anything that makes us feel good we get stuck in a dopamine loop. Last week with @sam_lindsaygerman I learnt a breathwork practice to release dopamine naturally. So grateful for this work. #digitaldetox #wellbeingfacilitor #wellnessconsultant #holistichealth #dopaminedetox #socialmediausage #breathwork #yogateacher ... See MoreSee Less
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Halloween witch vibes 🎃Thanks @xmorganleighx for an epic party!! #halloweencostume #halloweenparty #motheranddaughter #funtimes ... See MoreSee Less
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