Imagine a life where you live from your heart with love. Not from your head with fear.  You  feel freedom with each breath and you are living your highest truth.
You are a woman who has awoken to her spiritual path. Then you know this is a journey of surrender , support, and self-love. You are a divine space holder for others. Your purpose is be of service with what is right in front of you. To awaken to your truth.

 I see you as the divine light that you already are. 

 ​​​Taking time to focus on you is the best investment you will make because your vibe affects your tribe and your whole family will benefit.

What is an Intuitive Guidance session?

It is like me trying to explain what it is like to have grown and birthed a baby. It is impossible to articulate it as you have to experience it to fully understand it. 

Embody the sensations. Feel the divine love of spirit flow through you. Speak with your soul. I will guide you every step of the way to meet and release your fear so you can embody of life filled with magic and mircales. 

You are enough. You are perfectly imperfect. You are worthy of unconditional love. You are free to step into your power. Your magic. 

​​​​​​​To feel connected as one. To be re-united with parts of yourself that have felt disconnected. You don't need to be fixed or healed. 

​​​​​​​I will restore you to wholeness.


"My session with Leonie was such a great experience! I had no idea what to expect... but Leonie makes you feel safe and supported. I especially loved the tapping sequence, really powerful and has proven to be very beneficial.I’ll be checking in regularly!"
Jen Carlson, Client  
"I am still in such awe over that session. That was truly incredible. I’ve already got a friend interested in booking a session with you. I’m feeling more excited than fearful about what my future holds and I finally feel motivation to move forward. I’ve always struggled to find passion and maintain motivation in all facets of life but I can finally feel it surging within me again. So thank you, I feel like I’ve been reconnected to my soul"
Emily Hitchens, Client  
“I wasn’t sure what to expect in an intuitive session with Leonie & was a little nervous. However, within seconds Leonie’s approachable relaxed manner put me at ease. She was clear in her guidance & checked in with me regularly. I had the most amazing experience which totally resonated with me - Leonie’s downloads were scarily spot on & gave some much needed clarity. Thank you Leonie! ​​​​​​​.”
Clare Willow, Client  
What is Included?

Session One - Fear clearing method session
Session Two - Intuitive Intelligence EFT Tapping 
A handmade pair of earrings from Luna Phoenix Designs 
Copy of the award winning book Mother Om
Introductory rate of $555

​​​​​​​"Leonie has that magical ability to see your fullness and magic, even when you are blind to it yourself. Her passion for life is infectious and she is an authentic role model for the art of manifesting. She has a wealth of practical and intuitive tools to support your journey. l loved our time together ."
Barbara Brangan, Founder of
About me 
My name is pronounced like Princess Leia - knee. I am a mama to 3 little gurus, a mentor, author, writer, speaker, mindful maven, podcaster and change maker. My mission is to shine my light and inspire others to do the same.
I am the founder of Leonie Percy and Luna Phoenix Designs and the author of the award winning book Mother Om. I am the host of the global podcast Magnetic Mama which is being listened to in 40 countries. 

I will nurture, support and guide you. I will change, teach and inspire you.
ove and light.

Leonie xx