I teach the 5 M’s that have changed my life.

Mindfulness. Method. Magnetise. Manifest. Mystic Mama.

I work with beautiful women guiding them to overcome fear and be returned to wholeness so they find more joy in motherhood. I teach mamas how to be mindful, be magnetic and live life as a mystic mama so they manifest a life with magic and miracles. 

Namaste, my name is Leonie pronounced like Princess Leia-knee. I am a mystic, mentor, speaker, mindful maven and author of the international best selling book Mother Om. I have a multi-award-winning business and am the host of the Magnetic Mama podcast, which is currently in over 40 countries.

A born leader and change maker. A spiritual seeker and truth sharer. My soul purpose is to shine my light and inspire others to do the same. I am also an earring designer and created Luna Phoenix Designs for divine feminine leaders. 

This has been a life-changing experience for me. I feel so fulfilled that I was able to bring a dream of mine to reality. Leonie was so supportive and just as helpful with business strategy as she was mindset. It was key having someone help me along through every process and I know it simply would not have been the same outcome without her help. I am so happy right now because I’ve done this mentorship program.” Becky Founder of Eat What We Eat

I have helped hundreds of mamas find more joy in motherhood. I have been running my award-winning business for 7 years with Lael (10) and Luna (4). We welcomed our third-star babe, Phoenix in August 2018.

“I wasn’t sure what value a mentor would be. And then I met Leonie. Over our 3 sessions Leonie gave me confidence in my business idea; she linked me up with other Mamas who were inspiring, connected and creative; she instilled in me the importance of maintaining self-care in the midst of working on my idea; mostly Leonie was a wise, generous, soulful Mum and entrepreneur several steps ahead of me who helped me to see the next steps ahead on my journey. Oh, and she lay on the floor and spent time doing mindfulness exercises with my 3-year-old! Thank you, Leonie!” Clare Founder of Clare Foale

My journey has taught me much wisdom and there have been many lessons along the way and I am honored to share these teachings with beautiful mama’s like you.

“I would highly recommend this program to other mamas. Leonie is a pleasure to work with and I really felt like she listened to my needs and tailored her approach to suit them (not a one-size-fits-all style of mentoring). I can’t recommend Leonie enough, well worth the investment. Along with many other things she has given more confidence in my abilities and helped guide me in the right direction using the perfect blend of business coaching and mindfulness.” Amy Founder of Australia Birth Trauma Association

After going through a heartbreaking divorce when my son was almost 2 (8 years ago) my mission is to keep families connected. This was my breakdown before my breakthrough. I am so grateful this happened to me as it has led me to where I am today.

This site is for mamas who want to be inspired to live the life of their dreams. Whether you want to be a more mindful mama, be less stressed, cultivate more joy or create a beautiful business, I am so happy to have connected with you online.

Your zone of genius is in presenting. Speaking. Teaching in front of an audience. You are exceptionally gifted at it and a complete natural. Funny, warm, engaging, knowledgeable, articulate. There aren’t that many people who can do it the way you can. Kim Newing Mama Goddess



Leonie is a loving mother, Intuitive mentor, mindful maven, and teacher of Intuitive Intelligence. Leonie is also the author of the international award-winning book Mother Om. Leonie is the host of the Magnetic Mama podcast. Her mission is to keep families connected and teach women how to be magnetic and live the life they truly desire.

Leonie combined her experience of going through a divorce becoming a single mother, degree in psychology and passion to keep families connected, to create her business Leonie Percy.  Leonie lives in Brisbane with her son Lael and partner Jarkko and their daughter Luna – Joy and their son Phoenix. 

Leonie is the author of “Mother Om  – Connect with yourself and your children in one mindful moment a day”. Endorsed by Sarah Naphtali ( Buddhism for Mothers) and Maggie Dent Parenting expert and author.

“This is a beautiful book written for busy mums. Even if you are not into yoga, Leonie has some simple, effective ideas and strategies to help reduce stress and to be as grounded and present as possible in our chaotic world.” MAGGIE DENT

See our awards, media, endorsements, and to buy a printed copy or on Kindle check it out on our Mother Om site.

Over 1000 copies have been sent out into the world 🙂

“Mother Om” has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, Practical Parenting, The Happy Parenting community, Mother and Baby magazine, Healthy Mama magazine, Smart Healthy Woman magazine, Wellbeing Magazine, Australian Yoga Life and Australian Yoga Journal.


“Mother Om” was awarded a silver medal in 2014 at the Living Now Book awards in the USA under the Health and Wellness Category. These awards promote books for better living and celebrate positive global change.

Leonie was awarded a business partnership award in 2015 from Key Person of Influence.


Leonie was an award finalist in the Brilliant Biz Mum Awards for Best Social Media Success story – 2107

Leonie won Networking Star at the Business with Babies Awards December 2017